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Grants and waivers

Grants and waivers are gift aid that does not need to be repaid. Financial aid is based on your financial need (as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), any eligibility criteria specific to the source, and availability of funds.

When you complete the FAFSA and are admitted to the University of Minnesota, you will be considered for the following federal, state, and University grants.

The total amount of financial aid offered to a student, including all scholarships and grants, cannot exceed the cost of attendance at the University of Minnesota for that aid year. Financial aid offers (e.g., loans, work study, scholarships, or grants) may be reduced for students whose total aid exceeds the cost of attendance. Additional information is available.

Grants and waivers that you must apply to 

There are several grants and waivers that require you to submit an application or take some other action. Information on some common grants and waivers is available below.

Student Assistance Grant for Emergencies (SAGE)

The Student Assistance Grant for Emergencies (SAGE) has been created for the purpose of providing quick-response emergency grants for short-term financial emergencies, enabling a student to remain in school, rather than being forced to take a leave of absence or drop out. The maximum amount is $1000 per academic year and may be subject to change based on funding. If you are interested in applying for a SAGE grant, schedule an appointment with a One Stop counselor to complete the application.


Tuition waivers may be available to students as part of a scholarship, fellowship, departmental or institutional assistance, outside agency, or University of Minnesota Regents Scholarship for employees. Tuition waivers, regardless of their source, are considered a form of financial aid which may reduce eligibility for student loans.


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