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Read the descriptions carefully to determine which fees may apply to you.

The $150 UMM Campus Fee is charged to all students to help fund technological enhancements on campus that are of direct benefit to students and their educational programs. Those registered for fewer than 6 credits pay $75. A Summer Campus Fee of $75 is charged to students taking classes during summer session regardless of credit level.

Students registered for 6 or more credits pay a Student Service Fee each semester to support student services and activities. The Student Service Fees for 2018-19 are listed below. 

Student Activities Fee $135.00
Student Center Fee $50.00
Athletic Fee $55.00
Regional Fitness Center Fee $92.50
Heath and Wellness Services Fee $103.00
Total Student Service Fee Per Student $435.50

If you are 1) admitted to a degree program, and 2) registered for 6 or more credits per semester (or 3 or more credits during summer term) that count toward the automatic assessment of the Student Services Fee, you are required by the University of Minnesota to have health plan coverage. If you meet both of these criteria you will be automatically enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan.

By requiring students to have health plan coverage, the University ensures all students have access to medical care and can maintain good health, which is essential for academic success. You may choose to waive the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan by providing proof of enrollment in an alternative eligible health plan.

Admissions Freshman Confirmation Fee
Charged to admitted students to show their intent to enroll at UMM.

Application Fee
A nonrefundable fee submitted with application for admission to UMM. The fee amount is determined based on submission method – paper or online.

Verification Fax Fee
Charged for faxing verification.

Credit by Examination Fee
Charged per credit to students to take special subject exams to demonstrate knowledge acquired outside specific courses offered at UMM. Special exams are given at the discretion of the discipline.

English Language Teaching Assistant Program (ELTAP) and Global Student Teaching (GST) Application Fee
Application fee to place students in international settings for each of the programs.

English Language Teaching Assistant Program Global Student Teaching (GST)/ ELTAP Program Fee
Charged to students participating in the Global Student Teaching or English Language Teaching Assistant Program. Program fees cover the cost of placement and supervision.

Housing Contract Cancellation Fee
Charged only to students who have signed a housing contract and subsequently request cancellation of their on-campus housing (prior to the official move-in date) for the purpose of living off-campus.

Payment Plan Fee
Students can enroll in the payment plan each semester for a fee. This allows them to pay their student bill in three portions over the course of the semester instead of paying the bill entirely at the first bill date.

International Student Academic Service Fee
Charged to all international students to support enhanced academic services, with the focus of ensuring retention, timely graduation and student satisfaction with their UMM experience.

International Student Fee
Charged to all international students for added support costs such as SEVIS system, record keeping, mailing of official documents, providing orientation, etc.

Late Payment Fee
Students who fail to pay at least one-third of the amount due on their first student bill of the term are assessed a late fee. Accounts not paid in full by the due dates on all subsequent bills are assessed an additional late fee each time a due date passes.

Late Registration Fee
Charged to students who register after the first day of the term. Students are required to register before the first day of the term. 

Locker Fee
Charged for the use of a locker and towel service in the Physical Education Center. Lockers are also available in the lower level of the Student Center and are accessible in two ways. Coin operated lockers are 25 cents per use and an unlimited use locker may be rented for $5 per year ($3 for the summer). Unlimited use lockers may be rented from the Information Center.

Lost Key Fee
Charged to students who lose keys that they have put a deposit down on.

Minnesota Education Job Fair Fee
Charged to students participating in the MN Education Job Fair (either pre-registration or on-site).

National Student Exchange Fee
Charged to students participating in the program sponsored through the National Student Exchange (NSE).

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Check Fee
Charged on all returned checks.

Parking Permit Fee
Charged per academic year for a permit to park in campus lots.

Storage Container Fee
Charged per academic year for storing items with limited access. Contact Office of Residential Life at 320-589-6472.

Student Teaching Fee
Charged to students participating in the Education Student Teaching Program to cover a portion of the costs associated with placement, supervision and assessments of student teaching.

Testing Service Fees
Students are not charged any testing fees for placement exams (foreign language and math) at UMM. Exams for national testing companies or agencies, (i.e., for admissions, licensing, or College Level Examination Program “CLEP”) are administered by the UMM Test Center and students register with and pay fees to the respective testing company. UMM’s Test Center is located in the Student Counseling Office.

Transcript Fees
Charged for official transcripts. Unofficial transcripts can be obtained for free online at MyU: Academics.

Transfer Confirmation Fee
Charged to incoming transfer students for registration costs.

U-Card Replacement Fee
Charged to replace a U-Card, the University’s identification card. This fee applies to registered UMM students who have lost or damaged their card.

Important Dates

Billing & Payment

Fri, Dec 14, 2018 Fourth fall bill due
Sun, Dec 30, 2018 Fifth fall billing statement available (due date: 1/13/19)
Sun, Jan 13, 2019 Fifth fall bill due