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Use the search below to find classes that will fulfill your education requirements. You can also reference the Class Schedule and Course Catalog when planning your degree.

General Education Requirements

Subject Catalog Number Title Description
ITAL 3331 The Eternal City: The Language and Culture of Rome II International Perspectives
LANG 1101 Introduction to Norwegian Language and Culture I International Perspectives
LAT 2001 Intermediate Latin Prose International Perspectives
LAT 2002 Intermediate Latin Poetry Communication, Language, Lit. & Philosophy
MATH 1001 Excursions in Mathematics Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
MATH 1013 PreCalculus II: Trigonometry Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
MATH 1021 Survey of Calculus Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
MATH 1101 Calculus I Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
MATH 1102 Calculus II Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
MATH 1801 Geometry Collides With Culture: Patterns In Space Intellectual Community
MATH 2101 Calculus III Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
MATH 2202 Mathematical Perspectives Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
MATH 2212 Introduction to Knot Theory Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
MATH 2401 Differential Equations Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
MATH 2501 Probability and Stochastic Processes Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
MATH 3211 Geometry Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
MGMT 1011 Fundamentals of Personal Finance Human Behvr, Social Processes & Institutions
MGMT 3151 Human Resources Management I Ethical & Civic Responsibility
MGMT 3152 Human Resources Management II Human Diversity
MGMT 3503 Consumer Behavior Human Behvr, Social Processes & Institutions
MGMT 3601 Transnational Enterprise International Perspectives
MGMT 3701 Organizational Behavior Human Behvr, Social Processes & Institutions
MUS 1039 Popular Music and Social Justice Fine Arts
MUS 1041 Introduction to Music Fine Arts
MUS 1042 Fundamentals of Music Fine Arts
MUS 1043 American Jazz Styles Fine Arts
MUS 1044 Class Piano for the Non-Music Major Artistic Performance
MUS 1045 Class Guitar Artistic Performance
MUS 1049 Introduction to American Popular Music Communication, Language, Lit. & Philosophy
MUS 1050 Collaborative Piano Workshop Artistic Performance
MUS 1061 Introduction to World Music International Perspectives
MUS 1062 Instrumental Music In The United Kingdom Artistic Performance
MUS 1063 Symphonic Winds Performance Tour Artistic Performance
MUS 1070 Instrumental Chamber Ensemble Artistic Performance
MUS 1080 Jazz Combo Artistic Performance
MUS 1081 Jazz Improvisation Artistic Performance
MUS 1090 Vocal Chamber Ensemble Artistic Performance
MUS 1111 Functional Keyboard for the Music Major I Artistic Performance
MUS 1112 Functional Keyboard for the Music Major II Artistic Performance
MUS 1151 Foundations of Music Theory I: Rhythm and Pitch Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
MUS 1152 Foundations of Music Theory II: Line Fine Arts
MUS 1155 Foundations in Music History I: Ancient to 1750 Historical Perspectives
MUS 1156 Foundations in Music History II: 1750 to Contemporary Fine Arts
MUS 1200 Individual Performance Studies: Piano Artistic Performance
MUS 1201 Individual Performance Studies: Collaborative Piano Artistic Performance
MUS 1202 Individual Performance Study: Organ Artistic Performance
MUS 1203 Individual Performance Study: Harpsichord Artistic Performance
MUS 1204 Individual Performance Study: Voice Artistic Performance
MUS 1205 Individual Performance Study: Violin Artistic Performance
MUS 1206 Individual Performance Study: Viola Artistic Performance


Important Dates


Fri, Oct 15, 2021 Last day of instruction for 1st-half semester classes
Wed, Oct 20, 2021 First day of instruction for 2nd-half semester classes
Fri, Dec 10, 2021 Last day of instruction for full and 2nd-half semester classes