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Use the search below to find classes that will fulfill your education requirements. You can also reference the Class Schedule and Course Catalog when planning your degree.

General Education Requirements

Subject Catalog Number Title Description
GER 2001 Intermediate German I International Perspectives
GER 2002 Intermediate German II International Perspectives
GER 3001 Advanced German Grammar International Perspectives
GER 3011 Readings in German International Perspectives
GER 3101 Introduction to German Literature and Culture Communication, Language, Lit. & Philosophy
GER 3601 Studies in German Literature Communication, Language, Lit. & Philosophy
GER 3602 Scandinavian Literature 20th and 21st Century Novel Communication, Language, Lit. & Philosophy
GER 3701 The Red Army Faction in German Literature International Perspectives
GER 3702 Martial Masculinities: Manhood and Aggression in German Literature and Culture Communication, Language, Lit. & Philosophy
GER 4001 German Civilization I Historical Perspectives
GWSS 1101 Introduction to Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Human Diversity
GWSS 2101 American Masculinities: The Making of Guys, Dudes, Bros, and Men Human Behvr, Social Processes & Institutions
GWSS 2102 Masculinities in the Margins: Intersectional and Marginalized Masculinities Human Behvr, Social Processes & Institutions
GWSS 2404 Feminist, Queer, and Intersectional Theories Human Diversity
HIST 1015 Topics and Problems in World History Historical Perspectives
HIST 1111 Introduction to World History Historical Perspectives
HIST 1112 Introduction to African History to 1880 Historical Perspectives
HIST 1113 Introduction to African History since 1880 Historical Perspectives
HIST 1301 Introduction to U.S. History Historical Perspectives
HIST 1402 Gender, Women, and Sexuality in American History Human Diversity
HIST 1501 Introduction to East Asian History: China, Japan, and Korea before 1800. Historical Perspectives
HIST 1601 Latin American History: A Basic Introduction International Perspectives
HIST 1811 A History of You(th) Intellectual Community
HIST 1812 FIRE!: An introductory Seminar to American Environmental History Intellectual Community
HIST 1816 Explaining the Inexplicable: 20th Century Genocides Intellectual Community
HIST 1819 Medieval Cathedrals as Historical Sources Intellectual Community
HIST 1820 What Happened and Why and How It's still Happening? The 2016 Election in Historical Context Intellectual Community
HIST 1822 Age of Atlantic Revolutions Intellectual Community
HIST 1823 The American 1960s Intellectual Community
HIST 1824 Black Morris Intellectual Community
HIST 2003 Public History Historical Perspectives
HIST 2103 Medieval Europe Historical Perspectives
HIST 2108 Ancient Greek and Roman History Historical Perspectives
HIST 2132 History of Fairy Tales and Folklore in Europe Historical Perspectives
HIST 2151 Modern Europe Historical Perspectives
HIST 2251 American Indians and the United States: A History Human Diversity
HIST 2252 Comparative Indigenous History: Beyond Native America Historical Perspectives
HIST 2312 History of South Africa to 1976 Historical Perspectives
HIST 2313 History of South Africa since 1910 International Perspectives
HIST 2352 The U.S. 1960s Historical Perspectives
HIST 2441 The United States and the Great War Historical Perspectives
HIST 2451 The American West Historical Perspectives
HIST 2452 Minnesota History Historical Perspectives
HIST 2551 Modern Japan Historical Perspectives
HIST 2552 History of Modern China Historical Perspectives
HIST 2557 History of Southeast Asia Historical Perspectives
HIST 2608 History of Cuba: From Colony to Revolutionary State Historical Perspectives
HIST 2609 History of Brazil: From Sugar to Sugar Cars Historical Perspectives
HIST 2616 Environmental History of Latin America People and the Environment
HIST 2708 Gender, Women, and Sexuality in Modern Europe International Perspectives


Important Dates


Fri, Oct 15, 2021 Last day of instruction for 1st-half semester classes
Wed, Oct 20, 2021 First day of instruction for 2nd-half semester classes
Fri, Dec 10, 2021 Last day of instruction for full and 2nd-half semester classes