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Use the search below to find classes that will fulfill your education requirements. You can also reference the Class Schedule and Course Catalog when planning your degree.

General Education Requirements

Subject Catalog Number Title Description
SSA 2502 Sports in Media II Human Behvr, Social Processes & Institutions
SSA 3101 Sport Industry Analysis Human Behvr, Social Processes & Institutions
SSA 3172 Leadership in Sport Organizations Human Behvr, Social Processes & Institutions
SSA 4201 Sport Governance: Legal and Ethical Issues Ethical & Civic Responsibility
STAT 1601 Introduction to Statistics Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
STAT 2501 Probability and Stochastic Processes Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
STAT 2601 Statistical Methods Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
STAT 2602 Mathematical Statistics Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
STAT 2611 Mathematical Statistics Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
STAT 2701 Introduction to Data Science Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
STAT 3501 Survey Sampling Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
STAT 3601 Data Analysis Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
STAT 3611 Multivariate Statistical Analysis Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning
TH 1070 Performance Experience Artistic Performance
TH 1101 The Theatre Experience: An Introduction Fine Arts
TH 1111 Fundamentals of Acting Artistic Performance
TH 1301 Fundamentals of Design Artistic Performance
TH 2101 Fundamentals of Directing Artistic Performance
TH 2111 Creative Drama with Children Artistic Performance
TH 2112 Drama in the Classroom Artistic Performance
TH 2113 Costume Design Artistic Performance
TH 2114 Sound Design Artistic Performance
TH 2201 Voice and Movement Artistic Performance
TH 2211 Oral Interpretation Artistic Performance
TH 2212 Interpretation for Performance Artistic Performance
TH 2221 Readers' Theatre Artistic Performance
TH 2222 Creating Live Radio Theatre from Script to Performance Artistic Performance
TH 2223 The Sounds of Musicals: The History and Literature of Musical Theatre Fine Arts
TH 2231 Playwriting Artistic Performance
TH 2301 Stagecraft Artistic Performance
TH 3001 Theatre Scene Painting Studio Fine Arts
TH 3003 Stage Management Artistic Performance
TH 3006 Costume Crafts: Exploration in Fantasy Clothing and Puppetry Artistic Performance
TH 3007 Faking It To Make It: Theatrical Property Design and Construction Artistic Performance
TH 3101 World Theatre: History and Literature I Fine Arts
TH 3102 World Theatre: History and Literature II Fine Arts
TH 3201 Advanced Acting Artistic Performance
TH 3202 Advanced Directing Artistic Performance
TH 3301 Stage Lighting Artistic Performance
TH 3303 Computer-Assisted Drawing Artistic Performance
TH 3304 Art Direction for Film and Television Fine Arts
TH 3305 Stage Make-Up Artistic Performance
TH 3309 Scenic Design Fine Arts
TH 3450 Irish Drama: Print, Culture, and Performance International Perspectives


Important Dates


Fri, Oct 15, 2021 Last day of instruction for 1st-half semester classes
Wed, Oct 20, 2021 First day of instruction for 2nd-half semester classes
Fri, Dec 10, 2021 Last day of instruction for full and 2nd-half semester classes