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Public class search

Class search is a customized class listing, according to your interests, schedule, and other personal criteria.

MyU: Academics

The Academics tab within MyU is your entry point to information about your degree, registration, classes, and grades.

Class search abbreviations & terms

A guide to abbreviations and terms used in course and class descriptions and the registration system.

Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder is an online tool that created customized class schedules for use during registration. Make sure you select your campus from the "Campus" drop down menu before you start your search

Graduation Planner

The Graduation Planner is a degree-progress tool to help you: explore the requirements for majors and minors, discover what courses you need to take, when you should take them, and make a plan that will help you stay on track for graduation.


Your APAS (Academic Progress Audit System) report lists your degree requirements, summerizes your progress, and explains what you will need to do to complete your declared degree program.

Student Rating of Teaching (SRT) - Course Data Release

View course-related survey results from the Student Rating of Teaching (SRT) survey (2015 and later)

University catalog

University catalogs contain online information about courses, majors, and minors.

Important Dates