University of Minnesota Morris

Payment Plan

You may enroll in the payment plan during fall and spring semesters. Non-degree students are not eligible for the payment plan. The payment plan is not available over the summer. If you enroll in the payment plan, a $20 charge per semester will be added to your balance. You must enroll in the payment plan through MyU.

You need to pay the minimum payment listed by the due date indicated to keep your account current, to avoid late payment fees, and to avoid a hold on your record. You may receive up to two additional billing statements during the term and each will indicate a minimum payment amount.

Some charges are not eligible for the payment plan. Balances or transactions from previous terms are always due and are ineligible for the payment plan.

If your payment is late, you will be charged a late payment fee and a hold will be placed on your record.

Payments must be received, not postmarked, by the due date to avoid additional charges and a hold on your record. You may view bills and pay online through the My Finances tab of MyU.

Due dates and payment options are available.

Does everyone enroll in the payment plan?
No. The payment plan may not be suitable for certain students who need to be certified as having paid tuition and fees in full by the beginning of the term. Non-degree students are not eligible for the payment plan and may be assessed a late fee if their bill is not paid in full. Check with One Stop Student Services for more information.
I receive financial aid. Do I have to pay the whole bill in one payment?
Financial aid is awarded for the purpose of paying your educational expenses and is designated for a specific term and year. Most financial aid is transferred electronically to your student account and applied to the eligible charges for that term.
If you have a financial aid award for the current term and you still owe a balance for any previous term, that past due balance will not be automatically deducted from your financial aid. Some specific types of charges cannot be deducted from your financial aid. After all the applicable charges on your student account are paid, any remaining credit balance will be forwarded to you. The charges not covered by your financial aid will remain unpaid and will be billed on the next billing statement. You are responsible for any billing charges, late payment fees, and collection costs if assessed.
How do I know what the next due date is?
Check "Due dates and payment options" for a list of the billing dates and the payment due dates for the term.