University of Minnesota Morris

Installment Plan

You may make installment payments for fall and spring semesters. Non-degree students are not eligible for the installment payment plan. The installment plan is not available over the summer. You may elect to pay by installments during the term by simply paying at least the minimum amount due listed on the bill by the due date. If you pay by installments, an installment/re-billing charge per semester will be added to your balance on the next bill.

You need to pay the minimum payment listed by the due date indicated to keep your account current, to avoid late payment fees, and to avoid a hold on your record. You may receive up to two additional billing statements during the term and each will indicate a minimum payment amount.

The minimum payment is a percentage of your current term account balance only, as of the billing date, plus 100 percent of any previous unpaid balance and any current monthly charges. Generally, the first installment due is 33 percent of your total due; the second installment due is 50 percent of your total due; and the third installment due is 100 percent of your total due. Some charges are not eligible for the installment plan. Balances or transactions from previous terms are always due and ineligible for the plan. Any payments that you make will always be applied to the oldest charge on your account.

Paying more than the minimum payment due on your statements or paying before you receive your statements does not reduce the percentage required on your next billing statement—you are required to pay the standard percentage of the balance.

If you pay less than the full amount by the due date, you will be assessed the installment/re-billing fee on your next statement. Any time you pay less than the minimum amount due by the due date, you are charged a late payment fee, in addition to the per semester installment/re-billing fee, and a hold is placed on your record.

Payments must be received, not postmarked, by the due date to avoid additional charges and a hold on your record. To view bills and pay online, log in to the Student Account.

Payment due dates are listed on Due Dates and Payment Options.