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Visually or Hearing Impaired Tuition Waiver/Assistance

Minnesota resident students who are blind or deaf may be eligible for a tuition waiver or partial tuition assistance. To apply for either of these tuition assistance programs you must complete the Tuition Waiver/Assistance for Blind or Deaf Students Application.

Visually Impaired

Students are eligible for a full tuition waiver if they are a legally blind Minnesota resident. Student’s vision must be no better than 20/200 or 20 degrees of visual field in the better eye for a full tuition waiver. Periodic exams will be required if blindness is temporary. You are not required to be in a certificate or degree program to receive a full tuition waiver as a blind student, a common criteria in other financial aid programs.

In addition to the above assistance, State Services for the Blind assists with vocational and personal independence for persons of all ages who are blind or visually impaired. For more information, visit the MN State Services for the Blind at Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

Hearing Impaired

To receive a partial tuition waiver based on deafness, you must be currently enrolled and have either a Federal Pell Grant or Minnesota State Grant for the term or terms the tuition waiver is awarded. You must also have a hearing loss of such severity that they are primarily dependent on visual communication, such as writing, lip reading, manual communication and gestures. The tuition assistance will be for any tuition and fees amount that remain after grants (federal, state, or other public or private grants) made to the student for educational purposes are deducted from tuition and fees charges. For that reason, you must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).