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Financial Aid Award Notice

Electronic Financial Aid Award Notice (eFAAN)

You will receive an e-mail in late July notifying you that your eFAAN is available online and directing you to:

  • review and respond to your awards electronically;
  • report enrollment terms; and
  • agree to payment authorization.

Check your “Financial Aid Status” often at the Morris One Stop Student Services Site to track your financial aid through the six steps from application to payment.

Your eFAAN lists the financial aid you may be eligible to receive to attend full time for one academic year (fall and spring semesters). The total aid is divided equally between semesters, one-half for fall expenses and one-half for spring expenses.

The amount of your award is based on your financial need, which is determined by:

  • federal methodology that calculates your expected family contribution (EFC), based on FAFSA results;
  • an assumption that you will be enrolled full time; and
  • distribution formulas according to federal, state, and institutional guidelines.

If you do not receive notification that your eFAAN is available, check your Financial Aid Status at Morris One Stop Student Services to ensure additional documentation is not required.