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Parent/Guest Access

Your permission is required for a parent or guest to view the details of your student record or to view bills and make payments in your student account.

Your University student record information, like grades and classes completed, is recorded online in a dynamic profile that is continually updated. Online self-service tools allow you or any person you authorize to review your student record anytime you need to make informed choices about your University education.

Use Parent/Guest Access to grant access to one or more of these eight categories in your student record.

  • Enrollment summary
  • Grades
  • Holds
  • Financial aid status
  • View financial aid awards
  • Student account / online billing & payment
  • Housing contract, assignment and billing
  • Student conduct in on-campus housing

How to authorize access

  1. Log in to the secure Parent/Guest Access application online.
  2. Send your parent or a guest an email invitation generated within the application.
  3. Your guest responds to the email invitation by clicking on a link given in the email.
  4. Once your guest responds, grant her/him viewing rights to one or more of the eight categories.
  5. You may cancel access to your student record at any time.

Forgot your password? Call 1-800-400-8636 and select option two.

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